Family business since 1834


Family business since 1834

We have flipped the switch!

In our company, several million kilowatt hours of electricity add up each year. And sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. On 1 August 2016, we have flipped the switch and completely switched to green electricity.

The electricity we are since then purchasing from the Oldenburg energy supplier EWE is certified as 100% green electricity by TÜV North (German Technical Inspection Association). The following requirements are met:

  • The electricity generated comes from 100% renewable energies.
  • At least 10% of the electricity comes from new installations.
  • The electricity generated can be traced back to unambiguous and named sources.
  • The electricity is composed of water, wind and solar energy.
  • The electricity generated contributes to expansion of renewable energies.

100% green electricity = 5,000 tonnes CO2 less per year

Everything within the sphere of activity of our company in Bad Zwischenahn - our factory, the Charlottenhof and the mill - thus receives electricity from renewable sources. This means that we are saving 5,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is roughly as much as 500 people produce per year.100% Green electricity = 5,000 tonnes less CO2 per year

Our plant

Our Mill

Our Charlottenhof © Timo Lutz Werbefotografie

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