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Sustainability at Rügenwalder Mühle: We are on the right path and make our contribution with concrete projects

Sustainability at Rügenwalder Mühle: We are on the right path and make our contribution with concrete projects

Like in many other family-owned companies, sustainability has also played an important role at Rügenwalder Mühle for a very long time - although not always under this name. For us, sustainability has a lot to do with responsibility, for our products, our employees, our environment and the next generations.

We have even strengthened our commitment to more sustainability with the introduction of our vegetarian products. Therefore, we decided to report regularly on our measures, successes, challenges and goals.

In order to establish sustainability more and more a matter of course in the company, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability program which involves all departments. And all threads come together in our sustainability workgroup. Like with other companies, this also involves analyses and key figures. For us, however, it always gets exciting if we can do something concrete. The outcome is not always perfect, but we believe that even small steps make a difference because they are feasible for all of us, both, in professional and private life.

And what are we doing concretely?

A concrete example is the energy issue. This includes major projects such as improvement of energy efficiency or the purchase of energy. Since August 2016, we have been purchasing 100% green electricity for our site in Bad Zwischenahn.  

But it is also about small concrete measures. For example, we have appointed an energy officer who is supported by eight of our apprentices who are trained to become energy scouts. Or, we offer e-bikes for lease to our employees and batteries can be charged with green energy in the company. And, during a campaign day for employees, very practical examples for energy saving at home were presented.

If you want to learn more about our sustainability program, we provide an overview of the areas of activity, objectives and measures.

We regularly report on the latest sustainability issues here.

Since August 2016, we have been obtaining electricity produced from water, wind and solar energy for our site in Bad Zwischenahn.

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