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Vegetarian Escalopes

Vegetarian Escalopes Cordon Bleu


Who says that a cordon bleu must be made of meat? And here comes the proof that it goes without: our Cordon Bleu is completely vegetarian, from schnitzel to ham and cheese. The latter does not contain animal rennet. Every bet you’ll like it too!


For our vegetarian Cordon Bleu we are using soya and eggs from free-range husbandry instead of meat. And instead of bacon we take high-quality rapeseed oil with many good omega-3 fatty acids.

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*We use eggs from free-range systems
Drinking water, wheat flour, soya protein concentrate (9%), cheese (8%), meat free ham (6%) [drinking water, soya protein isolate (12%), wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, soya beans (5%), egg white dried, table salt, flavouring, sugar, colouring foods: beetroot, hibiscus], wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, acidity regulators: potassium lactate, sodium acetates, lactic acid; flavouring (i. a. soya), table salt, thickening agent: methylcellulose, soya protein isolate (1%), egg white dried, dextrose, spices, sugar, yeast.

Why we use these ingredients, learn more here.


The following are included in the product of the declaration of allergenic substances:

(Egg and products thereof)

Gluten-containing grains
(Gluten-containing grains)

(Milk or Lactose and products thereof)

(Soya and products thereof)

Nutritional information

100 g contain on average:


931 kJ (223 kcal)

of which

12 g

Saturated fats

2,2 g

Monounsaturated fats

7,1 g

Polyunsaturated fats

2,7 g

of which

11 g


1,0 g


10 g


3,5 g


16 g


1,8 g

All varieties of Vegetarian Escalope Classic

Vegetarian Escalopes

Vegetarian Escalopes

Cordon Bleu

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