It’s hard to believe they don’t contain meat.

Vegetarian schnitzels and nuggets

Our vegetarian schnitzels come in two types and are also available as nuggets. For a delicious lunch or evening meal, you can quickly and easily pan-fry them. Instead of meat, we use soya, high-quality rapeseed oil and egg white from hens’ eggs. The eggs are free-range.

While developing our meat-free products, we involved VEBU (German Vegetarian Association) in many of the specialist questions. Particularly when it comes to substituting animal ingredients with plant-based alternatives. Also in the future, we will be relying on the constructive exchange of information and ideas with the aim of improving our products further.


All vegetarian products from Rügenwalder Mühle are marked with the European V label. It allows consumers to reliably and conveniently select vegetarian food products without having to study the list of ingredients.

For a higher degree of certainty, we additionally have our vegetarian products tested by the independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.